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About me

The idea of ​​becoming a Cardano stakepool operator came to me while watching a video of Charles. He was touting the merits of a mini pc that could be found on Amazon for a reasonable price, and sadly asked for even more stakepools. As I was getting tired of watching the Ada price decline, I figured it was time to look at the Cardano environment rather than the Ada price. Once the little gems had been purchased, I plunged back into Linux, which I had abandoned for quite some time, and it was with pleasure that I realized that the desire to create had not abandoned me. I worked for many years on large construction sites as a chief surveyor, which allowed me to travel quite a bit around the world. Thanks to my job, I was able to keep up to date on the computer side using software like Autocad, Trimble business center and others. I now work from home which gives me a lot of spare time to watch over my servers and the fridge. As it is good not to focus only on one subject, I will post from time to time on subjects I enjoy and have nothing to do with the cutthroat world of Cryptos... If you don't want to delegate your ADAs with ADA MAGIC POND (shame on you), I strongly encourage you to go to I used AdaFarm stakepool for 2 years as a delegator and everything went very well. If you also like dogs, sheeps and the Scottish countryside, well, don't hesitate! And if one day you change your mind you can always come back to ADA MAGIC POND because we are here for a long, very long time... Everyone is welcome at ADA MAGIC POND !! It's time to change the world...

About the rewards

Pledge = 450K ADA Minimum fixed fee = 340 ADA Variable fee = 5% I am not a big fan of the minimum fixed fee set that high. I think that it could be a bit difficult to evaluate its impact on the overall rewards management. On the other hand, a variable fee is crystal clear for all of us. This is why, if we are able to mint 1 block, 3 epochs in a raw, I will donate the fixed fee to one of my delegators (think about it as a lottery). Then, in the future, I may redistribute the min fixed fee every epoch and increase the variable fee. Let's see what will happen...

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