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The AMP Team
Based in La Seyne Sur Mer , France


Porky, CEO

His initial job was supposed to be the security guard but his management skills raised him to the top level of the company.


Kitty, Relay One Manager

We met in Paris airport on my way back from New Caledonia. IT skills at the very top level

IMG-d3dbdf534f0a2299fbf7b1daf462918d-V (1).jpg

Kittet, Relay Two Manager

We bumped into each other on my way to Scotland. I still struggle with her Scottish accent, but I.T is a universal language. 


Kittou, Block Producer Manager

This time no airport story. I met her at a fun fair, and she looked a bit lonely, so I thought it was a good idea to introduce her to the team.  


Celine, Human Ressources

You ask and you get nothing.

Her nickname is "Trouble".

Avoid her at all costs.


The Boss, AKA Useless One

He spends most of his time swimming open water. He tries hard to master jellyfishes minds with no success so far.

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